About Us

Located in Bandera County, our little Hill Country Ranch is nestled between San Antonio and Kerrville, and is alive with wild turkeys, deer, javelina and an abundance of birds. While tiny in comparison to most cattle ranches, we make every bit of our 7.5 acres count, utilizing management-intensive grazing (MIG), native and adaptive grasses, rain water collection, and solar electricity in our outbuildings.

Pest control and cow manure distribution is handled by a very efficient flock of chickens who not only spread around the cow fertilizer, but they provide their own as well.

We selected American Abderdeen cattle because they work well with our lifestyle. They are grassfed and finished. We use no growth hormones or corn to fatten them up, just grass, hay and water, with the occasional ration of range cubes – mostly to entice them to move to the next field in the rotation.

It all seems to work — we had the pleasure of winning Reserve Grand Champion Prospect Steer at both the Houston Livestock Show and the Star of Texas Livestock Show in 2011.